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About access

Imagine living without access.

The truth is that you probably can’t imagine living without access. Why? Because you’ve always had it. Access to churches from multiple denominations that offer services in various styles. Access to followers of Jesus who preach, teach and witness in a language you can understand. Access to the Bible in dozens of translations. You have access. But for Central Asians access is not a right. Access is a gift.

We believe everyone in the world should receive the gift of access.

Each generation since Jesus walked on this earth has seen access to the gospel move from person to person, from village to village, and from people group to people group. But in our world today there are still thousands of people groups who have never had access to the Good News of great joy that was meant for all peoples.

How does a people group get access?

For an unreached people group to gain access to the gospel two things are required:
First, the Body of Christ needs to have access to that people group. The reality that people are being born, living and dying apart from Christ must seize the hearts of people who have already received the gospel themselves.
Second, the Church must be sensitive to God's leadership and obedient to His call to bring access to the ends of the earth.

Who needs access?

About 100 of the more than 500 unique people groups that live in Central Asia have access to the gospel. The word of God is beginning to be available where these groups live. At least one Christian worker ministers among them. Preachers and teachers proclaim the truth about Jesus in homes and in churches. The first fruits of believers and new churches are being harvested. Their time has come!

The other 400 people groups in Central Asia have no access to the gospel. The word of God is not being sown among these groups. In most cases, Christian workers do not know of even one believer among most of these people groups. These peoples unknowingly continue to wait in darkness for the Light of Life to dawn among them. When will their time come?

Unreached peoples are precious to the Father.

We believe that God is already moving in the hearts of individuals from these people groups. He is preparing the way. Ultimately, He is the one who creates access.

Walk along with us as we prayerfully discern the ways God is at work among these unreached peoples. We don’t have a definite plan. We don’t have an enumerated strategy. But we have a desire for these peoples to receive access and we have made a commitment to be available for this work.

Access is a gift.

With this gift comes the responsibility to share it.
The first thing you can do is to pray.
The second thing you can do is to help create access.

?The task of bringing access to the unreached peoples of Central Asia
Central Asia is much too big of a job for one person, one team, or one church.

If you feel the Father leading you to deeper levels of involvement in this work,
we would love to hear from you. Contact us at:

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