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Barriers to access

Why are there still people on earth that don't have access?

There are a number of barriers—spiritual, physical and political—that restrict movement of the gospel to unreached people groups:

  • Unreached people groups are literally hard to get to. They often live in remote areas off the beaten track. They speak languages that are tough to learn. Many are oral communicators and are unable to read the written scriptures.
  • There is an adversary who would like to deny them access. Satan has seen the dawning of the Kingdom of God among hundreds of people groups in this century. He knows that these unreached peoples represent his final areas of authority. He will not easily surrender them.
  • The Body of Christ is often unaware that these people groups exist. Accurate information about these groups is difficult to acquire. Unreached peoples remain “hidden” to the outreach efforts of God’s people on earth. Few pray for them. Fewer make the effort to visit them.
  • Historically and statistically, the worldwide Body of Christ has focused most of its energy, funds and outreach efforts towards places where there are already churches.
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