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How often are the names of those you love on your lips?  Many times each day we speak the names of our spouses, children, parents and even our pets!  That’s because we spend a lot of time thinking about them.  It is only natural that we would often speak their names.

Who is speaking the names of the unreached peoples of Central Asia?

Who is thinking about people like the Arabs of Turkey, the Gypsies of Iran, the Pushtun of Pakistan and Tatars of Uzbekistan? If the Church is not speaking the names of unreached peoples before God in prayer, no one will.

“Brethren, my heart’s desire and my prayer to God
for them is for their salvation.” —Romans 10:1

Access Prayer Guide

Access Prayer Guide
Print these dowloadable PDFs of the front and back of the Access Prayer Guide and distribute them to your church or small group.
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The Bible teaches us to pray for the salvation of peoples that do not worship God in spirit and in truth. Jesus’ first disciples asked Him to teach them to pray. This is also a good place for a 21st century disciple to begin. Humbly ask God to teach you to pray for these people groups.

Recognize that there are many barriers that inhibit the spread of the gospel that can only be overcome by prayer. Pray that the veils of unbelief will be lifted from the eyes of these peoples that they might see the Way.  Pray that enemies like disease, war and poverty will be defeated among these people to make way for the Truth to live among them.  Pray that evil influences, both physical and spiritual, will be held back from these peoples until they have an opportunity to hear about the Life.

Scripture teaches us not only to pray from a defensive posture, but to pray offensively!  “How can they hear without a preacher?” —Romans 10:14.  Pray that people willing to proclaim the gospel will be called out and sent among the unreached of Central Asia.  Pray that the Bible will be translated and made available to them in their heart languages.  Pray that Jesus will establish, build and multiply His church among these peoples.

Pray for a clear understanding of the remaining unreached peoples of Central Asia to emerge. Pray that this knowledge and the responsibility to pray for these people groups will be clearly communicated to the disciples of Jesus.

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