Central Asia Stories

There are hundreds of people groups in Central Asia. This list is by no means complete—it simply reflects those people groups that are currently represented on this site.

People Group Story Pray
Adjari   Pray for the Adjari
Aimaq   Pray for the Aimaq
Azeri of Iran   Pray for the Azeri of Iran
Bashkort The Bashkort: History of a people group
Agidel: Testimony of a Bashkort woman
Circassian A funeral and a wedding Pray for the Circassian
Peoples of Dagestan Dagestan: Southern Hospitality  
Hazara   Pray for the Hazara
Prayerwalk: The Hazara
Kazakhs From communism to true community
The Kazakhs: A New Day
Nurzhan: Portrait of a Kazakh believer
Pray for the Kazakhs
Kurds Yezidi Kurds: Wolf at the Door 7 Days of Prayer: Kurds
Prayerwalk: The Kurds
Kyrgyz When Grief Meets Grace  
Meskhetian Turks Searching for home Pray for the Meskhetian Turks
Muslims of Moscow The Changing Face of Moscow Pray for Muslims in Russia
Prayerwalk: Muslims in Russia
Persian (Peoples of Iran)   Prayerwalk: Iran
Pakhtun Navrouz: Afghan New Year holds new hope Pray for the Pakhtun
Tajiks Navrouz: Afghan New Year holds new hope Pray for the Tajiks of Afghanistan
Tatar Healing the Tatar Soul
Rosa: A Tatar Love Story
Slideshow: The Tatar
Turkmen People Group Profile: The Turkmen  
Turks Conversation: Mother-in-law Woes Prayerwalk: Turkey
Prayerwalk: Istanbul
Prayerwalk: Black Sea
Uighur Finding fertile soil among the Uighur
Nurnisa's story
The Uighur: Praying for pure growth
Uzbeks Uzbekistan Today Prayerwalk: Uzbekistan
Stories by topic
The Former Soviet Union Etched into God's heart and ours
From “Evil Empire” to land of blessing

There are also more than 400 people groups that have no access to the gospel.
Learn more about these unengaged people groups at www.giveaccess.info.