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Facts about the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Why give through LMCO?

IMB uses 100 percent of LMCO funds to support missionaries and their ministries, allowing you and your church to join in a strategic global effort to reach the whole world.

Can I trust how LMCO funds are spent?

IMB ministry is based on strategic planning and strong accountability. Christian workers strategize how best to get the gospel to all people groups. They live among people groups, speak their languages and understand their worldviews. Currently IMB supports 5,238 missionaries on the field. Funds from the LMCO cover the cost of travel, housing, language learning and missionary child education for these families.

How is the LMCO goal set?

After considering IMB leadership’s recommendation, the Woman’s Missionary Union sets the LMCO goal at its annual meeting.

How often do Southern Baptists reach the LMCO national goal?

Only once since 1981 have Southern Baptists reached the LMCO goal. With recent stock market downturns, investment income no longer makes up for not reaching the LMCO goal. The result is unfunded ministry requests, capital expenditures and operating expenses—and limiting long- and short-term missionary numbers.

What are the anticipated long-term effects of budget shortfalls?

When budget shortfalls are eased, short-term missionary numbers probably will recover quickly. Long-term missionary numbers may rise more slowly because many long-term workers first serve two- or three year terms. Because budget shortfalls have limited short-term workers, fewer will be ready to feed the long-term missionary force.

How can I tell my church about the LMCO Offering?

These Quicktime movies thank you for your gifts to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.
Download the movie and share with friends or with your church family.
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You can also promote giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering in your church by downloading a PowerPoint presentation that your church can run as a loop before the worship service begins, during a choir anthem, or during a prayer meeting. This PowerPoint highlights God's work in Central Asia and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. Feel free to customize either PowerPoint to meet the needs of your church. Download the Power Point now >>>