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Vision Trips

Begin a Journey in the Most Significant of Lands
Central Asia has the lowest percentage of believers of any region in the world with only 0.037% of the population evangelical believers. But there is also good news in Central Asia. Church Planting Movements, still in their infant stages, are beginning to emerge among many people groups in the region. The work of Revelation 7:9 will not be completed by a handful of Christian workers, no matter how committed or well supported they may be. It takes the concerted effort of God's people, the entire Church, in strategic partnership with one another.

The purpose of a Vision Trip is to provide a hands-on orientation to Central Asia for church leaders. This is an opportunity to walk in the shoes of career mission workers, to taste the culture, to encounter the people, to come face-to-face with the challenges of working in the region, and to determine if God is calling your church to help complete the task in Central Asia.

Customize your vision
We invite you design a Customized Vision Trip for your Pastoral and Missions staff. We'll attempt to work within your available dates, church vision, and missions calling to determine a specific location or locations best suited for your church.

Dependent upon location but approximately $2000.

Call 1-800-999-3113 and ask to speak with the Richmond Associates for Central Asian Peoples.